we need a vacation!

I hate that its always 73 and Sunny on my iphone weather app icon; opening it to get the real forecast is always a disappointment. Why does winter weather make everything so hard? And turn us all into sniveling wet blankets who can only talk about the weather, as if thats all there is. But thats what it feels like, doesnt it?! After approximately a year and a half of living in both seasonal and artificial winter, Ive become obsessed with the weather, with hating the weather--and how terrible, to be obsessed with something officially and notoriously the most boring subject of all time! I feel like, if only it would brighten up I would be so invigorated. A new girl. Ready for anything. Like a normal days work, for example; these days snow and clouds make me want to stay in bed forever. But even after a long and jolly weekend (my work week begins on sunday) and facing a delightfully surprising and completely seasonal warm and sunny forecast today, all I can think of, still, is how Id rather be lounging around at home in my jammies! 

Whats wrong with me???? 

image via wildfox

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  1. you live in a place with winter: mistakes # 1, 2, 3, 4...10