nerdalert: way to go, cmucc!

 Isn't Andy Warhol the coolest? I like to think of the native Pittsburgher as a local mascot of sorts for those among us who don't follow the Pirates, Penguins, Panthers, etc. And as much as I love Phipps, my very favorite place to take out-of-town visitors in the citty is The Warhol, which Felix and I have patronized at least five times in the past year. And it's been worth the short trip to the North Side every time; his body of work is almost overwhelmingly varied, and every time we've visited there's been something new to see and learn. For example, did you know the socialite founded Interview Magazine in order to get invitations to parties and premieres? Pretty clever. 

We went just recently for bf's bday, but it looks like we may need to plan another visit soon, because have you heard the news? A bunch of nerds (jk you guys)/my future fellow classmates in the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Club just unearthed a dozen or so of the artist's "digital art experiments" previously and proverbially locked away within the confines of an obscure data format on some junky old floppy disk. Comodore International had commissioned Warhol to generate the digital works, including a manipulated portrait of Debbie Harry, back in 1985 in order to promote the launch of Amiga, their new line of home computers.  They probably looked pretty futuristic at the time, but now they seem digitally primitive, like someone messing around on microsoft paint... in a good way! I wonder how they'll choose to present them at the museum? Can they get their hands on any old Amigas, do you think? 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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