No One is Promised a Tomorrow

Have you ever helped fund a Kickstarter? Well, now's your chance! My friend Rachel is planning to tour the western half of the country in order to connect with people close to her father, the late underground native american artist Jaye Allison Zamzrla, honoring his legacy by piecing together the disconnected stories of his past.  She will also be on the hunt for as yet unseen works by this "brilliant, underrated artist" who mainly worked in portraiture, capturing the likeness of native americans as well as himself. An artist in her own right, Rachel plans not only to collect any of her father's artwork that she finds along the way, but also to record the entire experience so that she might produce a documentary film of the journey. But time is running out--

"It has been increasingly difficult to stay in touch with the characters from Jaye's past, and as time slips away the risk of not having the opportunity to document his stories and art quickly advances. They are the key to unlocking the mysteries of this fabulous artist"

It sounds like such a beautiful and meaningful journey. I can relate to the feeling that the past is slipping away, and to the urge to learn about her family roots before it's too late. Obviously, it's the opportunity of a lifetime for our dear Rachel--if only she gets the funding she needs! Any and all donations are welcome and can be made by visiting her kickstarter page. While you're at it, check out the Zine that preludes and inspires this project, and check out the promotional film below:

Good luck you guys!!

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