knowing that i'm ALWAYS red

When is the new episode of Sailor Moon going to air, you guys?! amirite?! What's a #boredhousewife supposed to do with her free time (ie evenings from 9-10pm) upinhere? Who even knows what Japanese programming schedules are like, in this day and age especially?

Luckily I thought of a perfect peach of a kindred spirit of entertainment to watch in the mean time. After all, the Sailor Scouts and the Heathers have more than a little in common, each a power group of gorgeous, sassy high-school girls who use their powers of cosmic and/or social persuasion to get ahead in the evil world around them, occasionally resorting to violence when necessary. 

Obviously, it's not entirely analogous; It's more like if Usagi et al had been recruited by scouts from the Negaverse, instead of talking cats from the Moon Kingdom. Or, like a reboot prequel series following Queen Beryl during her formative years back at Negamoon High (which is actually a pretty good idea…) So, yeah, it is a little different, but I think you see connection. And there's more than a passing resemblance between the dark, devil-may-care lotharios JD and Tuxedo Mask… Anyway, probably my favorite element shared by these two cliques is that each girl has her own signature color. I don't know why, but I've always loved that--all the way back to the Color Kids! It's like the personification of hue, but also it's such a cool way to establish the mood of a character. Because you can always pick apart color symbolism in a piece of  media (especially Heathers) but you don't really need to, because you can just use your eyes! It's sort of like what Schopenhauer said about sound and the will (but obviously, as it pertains to visual rather than auditory qualia);  you could think of countless ways to describe the feelings and references invoked by a color, or you could just take a look and feel it all at once. Do you know what I'm talking about?

So, which color would you choose?




or blue? And, could you commit, like these people have? Sometimes I think I could… but I'd have to make up my mind about it first. So, really, I couldn't.

Something interesting I noticed watching this film the last time around is that Veronica only really embraces "her" color after Heather dies (#spoileralert) Before, she has little accents of blue in wardrobe of mostly black and grey; after the murder she's literally wearing it head to toe (thanks to some truly questionable hat choices). But even though she eventually owns her power color, she still claims the red scrunchie of true power in the end. It's all so subtle, but obvious. Red and blue is the best color rivalry of all time, and this film is a great example of it. It's like choosing between good and evil but you can never be sure which one is which. I wish I could explain it better but like I said, I'm pretty sure I don't actually have to! 

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