babealert: SHADYLADIES


Although Ive already committed to round sunnies, forever, Im digging the super-summery vibe of this editorial by Angelo Pennetta. I used to have a pair of white-framed sunglasses, and Miranda Kerr is making me miss them badly. How does she look so good, all the time? That red and white striped Dolce & Gabbana dress Alicia Vikander is wearing is the perfect thing for the Forth of July, though I dont really care for her Prada frames (too embellished, no glare protection) Obviously, Id choose Lilly Collins round tortoise shell Tom Fords for myself. PS, did you know that shes actually Phil Collins daughter?! I dont know why that wigs me out so much, but Im always blown away when I discover people are related to one another. Its like I just discovered some completely irrelevant secret.  

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