o! my brain

I may have mentioned to you previously, dear reader, about how husboyf and I are currently working opposite schedules in order to properly care for our child. Remember him? Anyway, not needing to pay for daycare is a huge advantage to this system, of course... But! What about my poor, poor brain? Its all mixed up. Specifically, Im referring to its ability to harmonize with that cosmic rhythm thats meant to regulate my sleeping and waking hours. Because, my waking hours begin pretty early these days--for example, here I am blogging over coffee at 445 am, before I go in to cake-box this earliest saturday morn. Of course, thats not to say that a 530 am shift is prohibitively early. Because really, its not. Only, when youre trying to be awake for when your husband gets off work at 1030, and actually remain awake for enough time to engage in a real conversation or whatever, it is! And I remember how little sleep I got in college, and how fine with it I was. What a life I lead! (thats lead, past-tense) And now, Im awake when Im supposed to be asleep, and asleep when Im mean to be awake, and I take naps in the afternoon whenever I can but it only makes me go to bed earlier! Whats wrong with me?!

I need to get it together!

dmitriy lisichenko

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