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I first got the itch to re-view a certain series back in January, when BuzzFeed released this most perfect--and too too ridiculous--J.Crew catalogue. But that was back in wintertime, and anyway I had just started the far more seasonally appropriate Felicity. I like to watch inane, usually 90s television while I do my exercises, you see; I find them both distracting and aspirational. Anyway, it wasnt until the day before yesterday that, encouraged/led astray by my dear sister, I 'went Capeside', as the dorks like to call it (no offense, Emma!)

 If felicity was the perfect thing to watch in february (what with all the sweaters) then there is no better ambassador for carefree row-boating, crop-top-wearing summertime style than Joey Potter, slash twenty-year-old Katie Holmes. She set the bar too high for the beautiful, sassy-yet-wide-eyed brunette character on a WB drama, and they never topped it (sorry Carly Pope, Shiri Appleby, Alexis Bledel and Leighton Meister, but its true!) Was there ever a more charmingly sullen beauty?! And so deliciously sarcastic...

My Role Model 4 Lyfe, upinhere. But despite Ms Potters redeeming qualities, Im sorry to say: my dad was right to make fun of this show when it originally aired. I, a nearly-twenty-eight-year-old lady and former slash current fan, find it completely foolish; no forty year old man should be expected to watch it and not have a problem with it. The dialogue is embarrassing even now (imagine watching it with your parents! oh god...) And Dawson is an even bigger dork than I remember. Was there ever a more pathetic loser? Those clothes, that hair, that stupid fucking necklace... Ugh. Plus, a face only the mother of a horse could love. What did Jen ever see in him, anyway? And dont get me started on Joey!!

Also, what is up with them changing the theme song on netflix?! Im hardly a purist; JJ Abrams switched the Felicity theme halfway through the series as it aired, and it didnt bother me at all. But retroactively substituting some stupid song no ones ever heard of was a problem for me (and the rest of the internet, apparently), because I Dont Want To Wait is a part the show. Only, we're wrong, and we dont know anything. Apparently One Hand in My Pocket was Paul Stupins original pick, but when the studio couldnt afford the rights to it, they commissioned Jane Arden to write the original song Run Like Mad specifically for the series; they only switched to Paula Cole after the studio heard her song used in a promo for the show and suggested that it as the theme. Just a little hopelessly dork trivia that I pray you never find a use for... But it goes to show that just because you think you know what things are supposed to be like, doesnt mean you actually know anything about it. 

PS, how about the baby pudding face on that Joshua Jackson!? I cant wait til he gets his tips frosted...

That Diane Kreuger is one lucky girl! 

DC theme background info courtesy of the Huffington Post; J.Crew catalogue via buzzfeed; screen shots by me

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