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I was having a hard time deciding which color should represent May, officially, in my color-comprehension of the calendar. Theres no guiding holiday theme, and no one hue that dominates; I always picture April Yellow against a drab, pre-bloom background, but now that spring is properly underway, virtually every color of the rainbow is in its prime. Clearly, one color simply isnt enough for so merry a month! So, because May is my birthday, Ive decided it can have two: quintessentially springy, the combination of Pink and Green evokes a suitably festive atmosphere for my birthday countdown, and looks so much fresher than the navy and white I wear year round by default. And luckily enough, Im professionally obligated to favor it. Which brings me to my second color-related point. I dont know about you, but springtime makes me want to Shop For Clothing. But six out of seven days a week, I work for the Best Bakery in Pittsburgh, where strictly speaking, the uniform is white shirts and neutral-colored trousers. Obviously, its hard to get excited about buying a new white shirt, and its silly to buy clothing you can only wear one day out of the week. But the other day, fresh out of clean white tops, I took a chance and wore green-and-white stripes to work instead. And my boss (who is, by all accounts, very discerning) loved it! Apparently, anything Prantls green is fair game, provided it looks clean and professional, of course. I also believe I overheard that if something matches the shade of pink on our shopping bags exactly, then its cool to wear to work, too--though I think that applies only to bottoms, not to tops. Anyway, this new information has helped me channel my fantasy-window-shopping energy considerably--because, its ok to daydream about buying work clothes. Right?

Provided they were a good match, wearing pink skinny jeans would improve my mood considerably--though I probably wont be buying the Marc Jacobs floral shorts. And as much as Ive grown to love J.Crews new Punk-Floral print, wearing that silk blouse to the bakery would be madness, as I dont think dry-cleaning can do anything to remove buttercream. So this is, for the most part, the stuff of sartorial speculation. But! These color-blocked Sperry Topsiders are the perfect the perfect shoe for working at Prantls! Practically speaking, I bet they provide good traction, and wear pretty well over the course of the day, comfort-wise. But most of all, those are Prantls colors exactly. Theyre seriously a perfectly perfect match. Of course, behind the counter, none of our customers would be able to see them... but my oh my, wouldnt my co-workers be impressed!

Quick, Somebody! Take me shopping!

for item information, see my polyvore collage  

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