While Feburary and March are metaphorically pink and green, for Saints Valentine and Patrick, the month of April is yellow because you actually see it everywhere. Together, month and hue are the first harbingers of spring; when I first arrived on the Isle of Man in early April so many years ago, I watched  the golden gorse bloom, so bright and cheery along the grey coastline, and it made all the difference in the world. Here, its daffodils, dandelions, yellow tulips, and those flowering yellow bushes whose names I dont know, but that I see everywhere. In every shade, its the perfect color for the season! So electric, so encouraging! And such a precious time of year it is--by May, winter is just a memory, but in April you actually see the world change from horrible to amazing. If youre wondering why I havent been blogging as much these past few weeks, its because I dont want to miss it! Once May is over, summer is summer and nothing really changes until September. But these are magical days! 

Bambi Northwood Blyth by Tim Barber

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