the platonic sunglasses

Ive made a decision which is that Im only ever going to wear round sunglasses from now on. Chase bought me a pair of wayfarers for christmas a few years ago, and I really like them because theyre like, classic, or whatever. But I was looking at some pictures of myself wearing them, and they just dont look right on me. Its mildly heartbreaking, but Im willing to accept it. But let me show you. Here I am, making the same face (and wearing the same shirt) in two different pictures, with two different pairs of sunglasses on:

the wayfarers in question;

and my good ol roundies, I like to call them. 

The round ones just look better. But its more than that. I prefer them on aesthetic principle, regardless of the fact that I also believe them to be more flattering. Incidentally, it matters to me that they be entirely, perfectly round, not just sort of round-ish. Oddly and irregularly shaped sunglasses--aviators, cat-eyes, various trapezoids--dont sit right with me, conceptually or on my flattest face (which is maybe partly the reason why). Ive realized that I only like pure shapes--that is to say, circles, equilateral triangles, pentagons, and the rest of the regular polygons.  If I cant classify the shape of something Im wearing, its distracting to the point of discomfort. Maybe Im overstating things but also I think I just dont know how to describe this part of my brain properly. Its why I like stripes so much, and, specifically, stripes of the same width. I think, ultimately, it has to do with my affinity for symmetry. When things are off-balance, I have an overwhelming desire to set them straight. I think if someone made me wear one of those one-shoulder tops I would go mad over the course of the evening, trying to correct the imbalance. But a circle is always perfectly circular. Do you know what I mean, or do I sound like a freak right now?

Anway, another nice thing about circular glasses is that, like I said, a circle is a circle. Which means that, no matter how much they cost, if theyre shaped like circles, then theyre right. So you can buy cheap ones and it makes really no difference (unless quality is something that concerns you). Asos is a good place for cheap sunglasses, regardless of your personal style or your philosophy on symmetry--though they have plenty of pricier name-brands, too.

Love that color-blocked tortoise shell! And the nude pair would look great on you blondies and gingies out there. Maybe your life is different than mine, but for me, cheap sunglasses are usually a good idea because I lose them, and Felix sometimes breaks things (though now that he has his own sunglasses hes less interested in mine). I cant honestly believe Ive had my wayfarers as long as I have, and that nothing bad has happened to them in all this time. Its truly shocking! 

p.s. Isnt baby felix the sweetest? I cant believe these pics were taken a year ago! He looks exactly the same to me.

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