speaking of stripes...

... which we sort of just were, how delightful is this transatlantic collaboration between heritage brands Coach and Saint James? Not so much the products themselves (I only want about half of them) as all of the associated promotion, like the collage-y look book by artist  Kristin Eddington, and this mini editorial by Jane Keltner De Valle, starring Hanne Gaby Oidele looking as summery as you like. Or, my kind of summery anyway. 

I like the different totes for the beach, and that long cotton dress looks perfect for when it gets truly hot out (though I truly hate it with those red leather ballets--what is she, seven??) But my favorite thing in the collection by far is this boxiest, most perfect striped draw-string top.

Coach isnt usually my thing really, but Saint James sure is. And theres just something about a collaboration, you know? So exciting, somehow. But also, I dont get out much these days. 

images via here & here

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