best backpacks?

Along with Felixs impending trip, thoughts of preschool (and grad school?) and, oddly enough, thinking about autumn as a direct consequence of thinking about spring, have got me questioning our luggage situation. Talkin bout backpacks upinhere. Now, Felix and I each already have a bag, its true. But they each have their specific and pertinent problems, Felixs being that hes getting too big for his adorable turtle-shell backpack (sniff!) and anyway you cant carry much in it so its not so useful for an overnight trip anyway (its my belief that children should begin carrying their own luggage at an early age); mine being that my beloved, erstwhile diaper bag leather tote is perfect and perfectly lovely and I love it--but you just cant wear it while riding a bicycle. And once the weather warms up for good, this weekend, Im going to be riding my bike quite a bit! Anyway, you get the idea. We need new backpacks. And, dont you think it would be better if we had matching coordinating ones, like the besties we truly are? For example, we spoke recently of Herschel Supply Co--theyve got a solid, stylish, relatively affordable model, in classic colorways for big and small. But Ive found a few others I like, too.  Which ones do you think are the best? 

big & little Settlement from Herschel Supply Co ($55, $50)

big & little nylon cordura Schoolbag from American Apparel ($42, $28)

big & little Kanken from Fjäll Räven, ($75, $55)

I like those last ones the best, but, are they maybe too boxy? And how about the fact that for less than the cost of the big (and more important) one, I could get both from American Apparel? Also, we have an AA right down the street from my work so I wouldnt even need to pay for shipping to get them. This is not to say, of course, than any actual purchasing will be going on any time soon. That, probably, is not happening. But a girl can dream of luggage, no? Actually, now that I think about it, the HSC ones really are the best, after all. We want them!

Oh, dear!

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