Bon Voyagie, Felix!

After all the visitors weve hosted, Felix has been pretty excited about the whole concept of travel (especially all the suitcase action). Now he finally gets his day in the sun: tomorrow, Felix is off on a four-day, three-night weekend with his grandparents in Ohio. As is typical in this situation, Im nervous and excited. This will be my first baby-free weekend in the city--and whats more, my first baby-free weekend since I had a baby, almost two years ago! Its pretty big news. But also, obviously, Im scared! Felix has never been away for a whole weekend! But, hell be fine! Right?! 

Anyway, I just got done packing the adorable little duffel Im lending him. Ive often wondered: why are packing and unpacking so delightful? Does everyone feel this way, or is it just some people? Because, I cant be the only one. Packing a suitcase (less so unpacking) is one of my great joys in life. Beyond that, I realized that packing for a stylish little boy plainly trumps packing for oneself, as A, his clothes are cuter than mine, not just because theyre smaller and B, everything is so much smaller! Folding baby laundry is one of the most precious thing because you think about how little they really are. And you can get so much of his stuff in the tiniest bag!

In a somewhat related note, Even though I dont like unpacking as much (maybe because its not as challenging) I did like this editorial photographed by Eric Guillemain for Elle Korea, starring the beautiful Lea Seydoux, unpacking her suitcase in a presumably french hotel room.

 Do you think the average Korean reader can easily read that english title? Im sure they can. But how many english speakers, do you think, could read a magazine headline in Korean? Funny. And dont you love all her lipsticks? I wish I was going on a trip! But Im oh so unbelievably excited for my baby-free weekend. I really cant even imagine what it will be like! Chase will be working mostly in the daytime, so Im going to have plenty alone time to explore the city without the ticking time bomb that is a toddler out on the town! It will be so relaxing! Im going to do everything! 


images via FGR

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