to market, to market

One of the tricky things about having a pre-pre-school-aged child is that currently, Chase and I are working opposite schedules, so that someone is always home with the BB. I see Chase when he gets off work of course, but thats well after Felix has gone to bed. So its always jolly when we have a little time to spend together, the three of us, as a real family! Now that its so beautiful outside, during that together-time we often take a trip to Donatellis, our preferred local Italian market. Its a nice little walk thats just long enough to feel like an outing, but short enough that Felix can walk the whole way there and back. He likes the fresh air of course, but Im pretty sure his favorite part of these excursions is that I always buy him a babys carton of chocolate milk for 60¢, and let him drink it right  there in the store. Sometimes, his girlfriend--this spunky, probably 17 year old girl who works the register, talks like a sailor, and is completely enamored of Felix--even lets him have it for free! I like it because it keeps his hands off the packages of biscotti and sweets that they place (on purpose, Im sure) right at his littlest eye level, throughout the store. 

But my favorite part is the walk through Friendship Park! Its a nice little park, long and narrow with plenty of little hills to walk up and down and lots benches for sitting. During the winter, I didnt get what was so amazing about it. But now that all the little trees have started to flower, I see it in a new light. Its so springy and sweet now, and once the leaves are all properly out, it will feel more private (its right by the hospital and theres a lot of foot traffic). As its right around the corner from us, I imagine it substituting nicely for our non-existent back yard during the summer. I cant wait to take felix there for leisurely afternoon picnics, once the ground isnt so muddy!

 Felix wanted us to let him carry the gallon of milk home, but it was too heavy, so he took one of the lighter bags. Its so sweet and precious to me how much he likes to help out during these and other little errands. He doesnt like to see people doing work and not help them do it: sweeping, vacuuming, tidying, shopping, doing the laundry--you name it. Its so sweet (and occasionally helpful!) Cynically, I expect it wont last forever... but what if it does!? 

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