the platonic jumpsuit

I usually dont go for Rompers. I think, at best, they make you look like a college freshman at a music festival who shops at Forever21, and at worst, like a slutty/disheveled adult babydoll (Im looking at you, Hannah Horvath). They tend to come with a lot of bells and whistles in the form of weird patterns and strange clasps, and overall, they strike me as cheap-looking. But this is different! And maybe I would never have felt this way, this time last year, but Ive completely fallen in love with this now-sold-out, four-hundered-and-fifty-dollar beige-and-navy colorblocked cotton jumpsuit from MakiĆ©. Can you imagine one single thing more comfortable and convenient to wear in the summertime? 

So breezy. With a pair of nude leather flats and some circular sunglasses? Maybe a denim jacket? Come on. Only, I don really understand how you get in and out of it? Which is my number-one problem with jumpsuits in the first place. So scratch what I said earlier about convenient, unless theres some trick I dont know about. Tell me if there is!!!

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