Larry David Smile

When I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm the other night, I noticed something I never had before, which is that Larry David has maybe the whitest teeth Ive ever seen. Can you tell from this picture? Maybe not... but, in the episode I watched recently, I swear they were so white they looked almost blue. In a good way. It makes sense that he would care about having white teeth, dont you think?

Inspired to capture that smile, Ive been using a mix of baking soda and peroxide to brush my teeth. You can add some mint toothpaste so it doesnt taste so horrible, if you want to. Im pretty enamored of baking soda right now. You can do anything with it! Truly! Its so much more than just tooth whitener, de-oderant, and exfoliant. For example, you can add baking soda to eggs for a fluffier omelette; to your babys bathwater to soothe diaper rash; to cut flowers container to keep them fresher longer; to the ground around growing tomatoes to make them sweeter, or to keep rabbits away (poor rabbits!) You can also wipe it on your cars windshield to repel rain, or use it to wash the gross guck off of the produce you buy at the supermarket. Obviously, an all-around winner if youre at all concerned about having harmful chemicals in the house... which everyone should be, of course, but especially if you have little ones.

And dont forget--you can use it for baking! And its cheap! I only wish it came in a bigger package!

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  1. Its highly abrasive on tooth enamel. Short term gains, long term penalties.