"cheap glamour is irresistible"

This is the current color mix of jimmies on offer at my bakery. It changes, subtly, all the time, and I love that about it, because you can never pinpoint exactly how its different, you just know by looking that somehow, the mixture has changed. I never used to call them jimmies, you know. I called them sprinkles, and I thought of jimmies as just one of those weird colloquialisms, like calling soda pop, until I found myself saying it at work all the time. Now I almost think I like it better because its cuter and more familiar. In England they call them hundreds-and-thousands, which is impressive, if a little cumbersome. 

You know that thing of when youre shopping at Uniqlo or American Apparel or J. Crew, somewhere that has one of everything in every color? And it looks so good all together like that, but you know it wont be the same when you choose just the navy one and take it home. Even if you did buy one in every color, you could never wear them all at once. Theres something about all the colors together that is so special and appealing. Like rainbow jimmies, for example. They make everything look so much tastier somehow, but its more than that. Theyre compelling, like I want them for more than just to eat, like I wish there was something more to do with them than just eat them. Though obviously, I also want to eat them. But spending my days downing jimmie-encrusted confection isnt exactly conducive to swimsuitseason. Better instead to seek out their inedible, sartorial equivalent, in the form of rainbow-colored plastic beading. If I had one of these peices from Maia Bergmans 2012 graduate collection for Central St Martins, for example, would I be less inclined to eat an entire iced cut-out jimmy cookie in five minutes?

It all look so tasty!  Not as literally appetizing as they would if there was more pink and red mixed in, but for clothing I much prefer these candy mermaid shades. And they look so sheer and light, too! I wonder if they really are? Ive had a few beaded dresses before, and I loved them, but they were so heavy! According to this interview with Bergman, when she sat down to plan her collection, she didnt know what she wanted exactly, knew for sure what she didnt want: "no black, no tomboy, no linings, no screen printing." Because, really, who isnt over screen printing already?? 

images via 1granary

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