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Its sort of ironic and silly to write about how I have nothing to write about and expect anyone to want to read about it, I know. But sometimes I just dont know what Im doing... you know? Im sure youve all felt the same way about whatever it is you get up to, professionally or in your spare time. Ill go a nice stretch with plenty of ideas and things to say, and then, all of the sudden, Ive got nothing. I think its partly to do with the fact that Im adjusting to the new season, like my brain hasnt acclimated to springtime yet. Funny, because I assumed that warm weather would improve both my life and my blogging, though in reality, I think the urge to be outside playing has curtailed my blogging momentum somewhat--and then, when the weather does cool slightly, my brain completely shuts down and Im good for absolutely nothing. So its a good thing this is only a hobby. Theres nothing truly wrong with any of this, I dont think. If I dont have anything to say, I clearly shouldnt be writing. Right? So why do I feel like I ought to? Because, I feel constantly compelled to create content, for no real reason. But Ive been thinking, and Ive decided, I like that. It reminds me of being in school, in a good way: having deadlines, feeling pressure to complete projects, forcing myself to be productive. Of course, my blogging is largely irrelevant, whereas the school work once I did was for a reason--though, as a manager at a bakery, I sometimes wonder: was it?

It all comes down to this: am I wasting my life away??
And also, how much tea can one drink of an afternoon, before its officially Too Much? 

ps: how excited are you all about this happening? It premieres two days after I turn 28, and Im considering it a personal birthday present, to me--and heres a sneak peak!

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