The other day, felix and I were walking and I saw an add on the back of a city bus that said:

If Hes Is Five, Its Time:
Enroll Your Child In Kindergarten 

And it really freaked me out! Im not ready for Felix to go to Kindergarten! Oh wait, hes not old enough anyway. Besides, Im already thinking about preschools, and I know hell love it when he gets there. Then again, signing Felix up for preschool is something we will choose when and whether to do, given our schedules. No one is making me take him anywhere (and leave him there!) But in three and a half years, the government will be. And I have a feeling thatll seem sooner than later.

This train of thought invariably leads into a woeful contemplation of the passage of time, and various other morbid/existential notions Ill spare you, lest I Bum You Out--weve had some bad news in the family, so its been a sad few days over here. But Im not trying to bring you down right now! Like I said before, Im really excited for Felixs early academic future! Hes so funny and curious, he needs to loosen up around other people sometimes, and I think being in a classroom is just the ticket for that. Not to mention how much more flexible Chase and I will be, professionally, once he has somewhere to be in the daytime.  But oh, how Ill miss him so! Motherhood is so bittersweet!

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