what do you wear to a rustic fall wedding?

Because you can assume the vibe will be warm and rustic (why else choose a farm in October?) you won't want to look like you're going to a gala or a nightclub; you'll have to avoid the ritzier, more delicate things you might consider wearing to spring or summer nuptials. Then again, you don't want to look like you're on a farm, either--it is a wedding, after all! Color-wise, your neons and pastels are out, as they'll clash with the heartiness of the surroundings (and probably the wedding theme) as are graphic black and white, which read too 'city' in a rural setting. And don't forget about the unpredictable October weather--you'll want to be cool (but not too cool) in the day and cozy (but not too cozy) at night.

So, all that said, whatever will you choose? I don't know about you, but for me the solution is obvious: go floral! While traditionally the print of spring, recent trends (Dolce and Gabbana, a/w 2012 for example) have changed all that, and these days it's almost too easy to find a floral that's suitably autumnal. Now, I've done my share of e-shopping this week, and I can tell you that Zara is your best bet for cute, cozy floral dresses that, while technically out of my price range, won't break the bank:

That last one is my favorite. You can wear them with boots just like in the pictures, if the wedding is truly rustic--only you will know. In fact, its the shoes that still confuse me: do heels make sense if you're walking around on the potentially muddy earth? Are flats appropriate for a formal occasion? Keeping in mind that the 'flats' I have to choose from are a five-year-old pair of Old Navy ballets, some second-hand suede loafers, and a pair of brown leather sandals... it's times exactly like this, that I think of the once relatively magnificent shoe collection I sacrificed to my dream of nomadic life, and cry and cry. But you just never know what other people will wear to anything. I wonder what I'll see?

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