little women

Maybe it's because I keep seeing pics of all the partypeople having celebrated halloween over the weekend, or maybe it's because the only time I really see any young ladies these days is when they come over to watch Felix while I deliver wedding cakes to other young ladies with their bridesmaids all about them... but, lately, I'm really missing the girls! You know, just girls, any girls--sisters, girlfrenns, anyone. Chase and Felix are so so sweet, but lady time is important! I have been hanging with some cool new friends one-on-one, but there's something about being with a gaggle of girls that you just can't beat. It's easy to make friends with individual females, but I fear I may have missed the window for sister-club recruitment; you'd think mother-baby groups would be just the thing for someone like me, but the whole point is hanging out with people who don't talk about children. Ever! Or at least, not exclusively. So, I'm excited to be going to columbia this christmastime, not only to see all of my wonderful lovely sisters whom I miss, but also to see my childless ladyfriends! In the meantime, I'm captivated by this sweet, wintry editorial, starring four 'sisters' with maybe the best names of all time. Hedvig? Tuva?!

photos by Elisabeth Toll for Scandinavia SSAW, Spring/Summer 2013

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