should felix have a pet?

I'll preface this by saying that he can't have one (landlord's call, not ours) so this whole thing is a moot point. Though technically, he has a pet already: a transgender goldfish named donato (transgender because one day she's a he and the next he's a she, though these days she's a lady). But I mean a cuddly furry pet, a mammal. Something he can relate to. Personally, I've always wanted a big shaggy sheepdog, romping around a field of poppies on some sunlit cliff by the seashore. 

So british, so classic. Like having a kind-natured polar bear for a dog. Can't you imagine this one and Felix, side by side? Though really, we'd need to live out of town somewhere, in a country cottage or something (just like I always wanted). Or, on a remote island north of Seattle, like Max and Julian over here: 

What a perfect dream. It's like an old french cartoon, or a Miyazaki movie. There should be children's books about these two!  Maybe this is exactly what felix needs? I worry he's too lonely sometimes, without many other children around. I almost can't wait until he starts school, hopefully next fall--but also, I never want him to leave me!!!

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