sebastian errazuris

I will occasionally complain about the limitations and demands of being a mother and a student, but sometimes it's really an advantage. For example, last saturday, Felix and I took the bus--for free, because my student id card doubles as a buss pass and he won't have to pay until he's 5--to the carnegie museum of art and carnegie museum of natural history where we also got in free, for the same reasons.

Last time, we went almost immediately to the dinosaurs, and when we finally we made it to the art gallery, Felix was tired and expressly not interested. This time around, I got smart. I realized: he doesn't know his way around! He has to go wherever I go. It's so obvious! And so I got my way, at least for a little while. 

Though we inevitably spent most of our time looking at dinosaurs, one thing we could both agree on was the latest installation by Sebastian Errazuris: "Look Again."

I had no idea that this was here in town but I'm so glad it is! It's the first-ever solo exhibit for the Chilean-born, New-York based artist, which must be so exciting for him! You should go see it if you can--it's a really comprehensive collection of his work. If nothing else, do it for his porcupine cabinet:

I love what he does with furniture and sculpture. It's novel and innovative, but it also makes perfect sense. Like the piano shelf, which is comprised of individual sections that can be raised and lowered to accommodate any and all of your stuff. Not only is this beyond clever, the lowered sections of shelf also leave a blank space of wall, framing the objects you're choosing to display. Ingenious.

This is an artists whose every work I want to mention, but if you want to know more it would be easier for you to visit his website. And don't forget to see this exhibit if you can. Inspirational!

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