baby love

Lately I feel like all I do is talk about Felix! He's the star of my facebook, instagram, and probably this blog, too. Yes, it's hard to make friends with grown people in a new city, even if you didn't have a little one, and especially when you work from home. But also, he's the funniest guy around and so cute, so why would I want to hang out with anyone else! I hate that it's impossible not to sound trite when talking about your children. But, at least I'm not alone! Judging by her new surprise album--which is all over the place to the point that it already seems silly to even talk about it or how good it is--Beyonce seems similarly consumed by her own new little family.

I like how this sweetest song to her little one sits comfortably alongside such super sexxxy tracks as Blow and Rocket. It just proves she's just living a real life--or at least singing about one. And she does it so well. Better than almost anyone else, seems like. She's no angel, obviously... but at least she's trying! amirite? Both the Knowles sisters do a good job of making motherhood look soulful and stylish. Remember this one?

Not quite as glamorous, but just as sweet!

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