here we go!

Felix and I are off on holiday today! We fly to St. Louis in only a few hours! It's my first time flying one-on-one with Felix, and I'm a little jittery about it, but I know he'll be the best boy, because he always is! And anyway, I've got a special surprise for him when we get to the airport:

I love packing for trips like this and I never understand why people find it difficult. It gives me a bit of anxiety, as I'm sure it does most people, but also it's a fun challenge, a great exercise in organization. You simply take how many days you'll be gone (in this case, ten), look back that many days, and bring the things you wore. Three ounces of any toiletry lasts a surprisingly long time, so it's really all you need of anything. Add some lip balm, a magazine, and your cellphone, and that's it! And don't forget your lucky charms!

In our case, with no special occasions to pack for, our luggage doesn't amount to much--which is good, because I refuse to pay $25 whole dollars to check a bag. But it'll be a long couple hours with all these carry ons at the airport! 

Good thing felix has his own ticket. I hope he can share the load!

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