giving the gift of gold

Topping my list this year are a sewing machine, a soda stream, and a $1,000 Sephora gift card--but I understand this won't work for everyone. So let the gift-guiding begin!

It's hard to name a better palette than white and gold to capture the holiday spirit. It's warm and familiar but appropriately magical, so hot and cold at the same time. Spot on from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve. Black and gold makes for an elegant, if somewhat less jolly, combination, but really it doesn't matter as long as you've got some shine. These gifts are festive, but will look striking all year long. Because how could one possibly tire of gold? It's immortal.

Firstly, I'm obsessed with these golden menagerie objets! Any one would make an impressive, unexpected host gift--more masculine than soap or candles, more permanent than wine. $35, Dwell Studios

 For a more useful host-gift option, how about this set of gold plated cheese knives? Most people don't have knives just for cheeses, but I'm pretty sure if you did, you'd use them all the time! $29, West Elm

These tiny gold-dipped porcelain spoons toe a similar line between function and frivolity. Tied on a beautiful silk ribbon, they're a sweet and portable hostess gift, which is useful if you're traveling. Also, good DIY-inspiration, no? $20, Leif.

  This golden quilted Boysy backpack is a little pricey, but so Ashley Olsen. $68.97, Asos.

Is it stupid to gift a phone case? But people do "need" them, right? These ones are pretty cool, I think. They're made from deadstock charms and broches from the 60's and 70's, set in lacquer-like phone cases in whatever shape and size you require. Obviously, I recommend choosing their zodiac mascot for a more personal gift. Very Charlotte-Olympia-for-Pandora, right? $13.99, Case Cavern.

Like tea towels, stationary, and serving trays, this desk set may seem a humble suggestion. But people don't realize how easy it is to stay organized when you have the right materials. And if those materials are so beautiful you can't help but hold them, you're considerably more likely to use them effectively. Everyone needs someplace safe to keep their important documents, and who couldn't use a beautiful notebook or two? This entire collection, sold as a set or individually, is functional and gorgeous. $6-43, Poppin

Same goes for these Tracey Tanner leather pouches. You may not think you have need of something like this,  but once you get one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it! $35-45, Catbird

Or instead of gifting them what they don't know they need, and give them what you know they want: A gold-and-brown box of chocolates from Goumas Confections, of course! Hand-made sea salt caramels, english toffee, peanut butter fudge, chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows... the list goes on! Find gifts for every price range in white, milk or dark (and even sugar-free!) at Goumas Confections.

Don't forget the little ones! Everyone deserves a little glamour in their lives. A golden rattle can run you several hundred dollars (I looked into it) but these golden lambskin maryjanes are the sweetest things I've ever seen. Yes, it's a little silly to spend so much on something that will be worn so briefly, but come on--it's Christmas! $40, Acorn Toy Shop

Finally, a little logo goes a long way. These various golden Marc Jacobs studs make a seriously glam gift, with a surprising price tag. $42-48, Marc Jacobs

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