flaming june

I feel like I need to take a little break from Beyoncé. You know what I mean? Between playing the new album and watching the videos on repeat, she's basically all I think about! It's sort of like staring at the sun too long: glorious and inspirational, but ultimately not good for you. But there are plenty of other lovely ladies we can talk about/stare at/obsess over. Like, for example, did you happen to see this also very inspirational editorial by Annie Leibovitz in the most recent issue of Vogue? In it, Jessica Chastain stars in the reinterpretations of various well-known portraits of feminine beauty. Of course, she's is perfectly cast in the cover shot, Leibovitz's take on Frederic Leighton's Flaming June, but the text all over it kind of ruins it for me. Thankfully the rest of them are pretty spot-on, too. Like Van Gogh's La Mousmé, for example, or La Robe Du Soir, by Rene Magritte. But I think Le Retour De La Mer, by Felix Vallotton, must be my favorite!

 La Mousmé

 Portrait of Mrs. Grover Cleveland


 La Robe du Soir

 Julia Margaret Cameron

Le Retour de la Mer

images via vogue.com

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  1. Goodness, Jessica Chastain is SO lovely. Thanks for sharing this. :)