candy girl: an informal, prada-themed gift-guide debut

Candy--the promotional film by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, starring the impossibly delicious Léa Sedoux alongside two dreamy moptops--is so good... how did I miss it before?

 I love how the boys keep switching back and forth. All in all, it's the perfect fragrance campaign--who wouldn't want to be Candy? Way more than Miss Dior, or even Chloé--those girls barely get out of bed! On Candy's behalf I make my first gift suggestion, of course the namesake fragrance. I sampled it recently in my december vogue, and it's pretty sweet, you guys. You know... like candy! Expensive, tasteful, Italian candy. Plus the bottles are so perfectly giftable.

More recently, I also enjoy this other short, Prada-comissioned Wes Anderson film, though it doesn't seem to be promoting much of anything (besides being Italian)

It does, however, inspire my second gift-idea, this time for the little ones: 

This little red speedster from the Acorn Toy Shop in Brooklyn may be a repeat suggestion on my part, but it's so luxe and adorable, I can't help it. How could anyone resist? You'd have it for years--maybe even generations--to come, perhaps justifying the $115 pricetag, especially if you're going the 'one big gift' route, instead of buying a bunch of junk. If you're not, this little Bonnie Race Car is an equally gift-worthy and considerably more affordable (and portable) option for the young moto-enthusiast in your life. 

More gift ideas to come! Shop me, shopper!

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