giving the gift of organization

Don't weigh people down with useless clutter! Instead, give them something that's as practical as it is attractive. Organizational gifts work for the tidy people who will appreciate them, and for those who could use a little help getting it together. 

These Vacavaliente desk organizers, made in Argentina from recycled leather scraps, are sweet, stylish, and useful. I found the black dog at a junk shop some months back, and I love it, but this blue kangaroo might be my fav. Find them in a range of colors and shapes for around $35 each, all over the internet.

This chalkboard tablet would be so useful in the kitchen, for making to-do lists, or leaving notes for people around the house. And so masculine, with it's reclaimed wood and leather accents. $25, Atomic Garden

For on-the-go list making, this O-check weekday calendar makes an affordable gift for anyone who doesn't rely on their phone to organize their life. $12, J.Crew

Speaking of which--am I out of touch? Do people even use paper stationary anymore? If you ask me, they certainly should. There's something about postal correspondence that you just can't get on the net. This set of all-occasion cards contains three each of five useful greetings, including the thank-you's they'll be needing when christmas is over. $30, Kate Spade

This oak twine stand, featuring its own built-in cutter, or string tidy, complete with stainless steel scissors, would make a good gift for the cook/gardener/crafter in your life.  $22-$24, Atomic Garden

I've always wanted a bento box! They're practical, eco-friendly, and so cute! These are microwave-and-dishwasher safe, and come in the sweetest, shiniest colors. If they routinely take their lunch to work or school, this is the perfect thing. Throw in some adorable japanese sandwich molds if your recipient is young and/or appreciates The Cute. $32, Leif

This bicycle bag, made of waxed canvas, leather and suede, would be a thoughtful, super-useful gift for the cyclist in your life--you must have at least one! $48, Poketo.

If they travel frequently by other modes of transportation, this reverse denim dopp kit is a nice idea. Another thing you don't think of needing until you're busy packing and it's too late. I like this one because it's modern and gender-neutral, but seems like it would age well. $30, Everlane.

This Nest Nine stacking set, featuring two mixing bowls, five measuring cups, a strainer and a colander,  is the perfect gift for anyone new to having their own kitchen (think recent college graduates) but I think anyone would appreciate how neatly these nestle together. $50, MoMA Store

A linen-lined lacquer jewelry box is nice on its own, but becomes even more gift-worthy when filled with sparkly baubles and trinkets. Just an idea! $24, West Elm

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