gifts for the gentleman

Not to say that I've only be suggesting gifts for women up until this point, but sometimes boys can be particularly tricky. You understand. 

if there's one thing I've learned, its that boys just want to be cozy! Imagine him wrapped up in one of these all winter like a Stark of Winterfell. $79

Men also enjoy a beverage of quality. Luxury mixers, gifted alone or alongside a bottle of his favorite fine liquor, make a gift you know he'll really use. This cardamom clove syrup looks especially tasty. $11

Plus he needs something nice to drink it from! Just choose the appropriate vessel for his favorite drink, then buy at least a pair, so you can use them together! Solid copper mugs for Moscow Mules, $9 each (add a monogram, or silly emblem, for $7)

Or if they're more of a coffee drinker, these stanley thermoses are classic. $19-$32 

Men also appreciate useful objects, be they rich or humble. Bonus points if they're small enough to fit in the palm of your hand--they're handier that way. For example,

a tin of mink oil ($6) to protect and polish his leather items. Or try cream for his hands if he's rough on them at work; a masculine lipbalm if he's frequently outdoors in the wintertime; or some of the best-smelling after shave balm--products he'd use every day if he had but is perhaps unlikely to spring for.

Other tiny, giftable objects include these horn scoops, $15

and these pebble tape measures. $17

Any of these would fit tidily inside one of these very giftable wooden and leather boxes, but he likely already has something he could keep in it. $29.

It's a bottle opener, and a hammer! $4.50

Lastly, for the mason: these golden equilateral triangle nails, $28

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