golden new year

With its Saturnine emphasis on hard work and introspection, Capricorn is of course the perfect sign to guide us into the new year, cultivating an atmosphere of penance and austerity. Unfortunately, living under Saturn's dark reign isn't always easy. It's morbid to dwell so on winter, old age, and the passage of time, and practicing self-denial, while perhaps noble, isn't very jolly. I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time keeping my spirits up around this time of year. I try to remind myself that Saturn's symbolism is two fold and ultimately uplifting, for he only brings destruction in order to facilitate new growth. The inner-reflection and self-discipline the saturn-ruled signs inspire are a means of preparing oneself for the impending regeneration of springtime. Nevertheless, beginning the new year under this morose celestial influence is a challenge--how to feel renewed while yet in the throes of deepest, darkest winter? Or are we supposed to feel this way? Seriously, I'm asking. 

Anyway, Happy New Year, you guys! And a special belated happy birthday to my favourite capricorn in the world, my lovely sister Daisy! xo

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