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Have you guys seen HBO's "revolutionary" new series True Detective yet? Given the buzz surrounding this (very very good new favorite) new show, I was surprised that google didn't immediately know which Matt Mc I was interested in:

... and when I say 'interested' I mean, interested, you guys. I mean, who knew MM was such a stone cold fox? Maybe I should have made a point to see Failure to Launch after all. Or maybe I'll just watch Surfer, Dude, instead? Having set google straight as to my initial intentions, and having searched 'true detective' immediately prior, I was even more surprised that it took so long to guess that I was looking for pix of him and his bff/co-star Woody Harrelson, because how obvious is it?

Luckily, I found what I was looking for. If these two aren't a match made in heaven, I guess I don't know what a match made in heaven really is. 

Besties! But all silliness aside, this is a truly great new show and if you can, you should watch it. I won't go into a lot of detail, because the internet has already done that and you can google it yourself. MM and WH really do have the best on-screen chemistry, and I love a classic odd-couple as much as the next girl, but personally I only have eyes for Rust Cohle, the troubled, philosophical, smooth-yet-stoic former narco played by McConaughey. Only I can't decide if I prefer him young and be-suited in the mid-nineties, or haggard and swilling Lone Star in the present day. Watch the show, be the judge. 

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