she went with the 'twiggy'

While we're on the subject of HBO shows, which we only just were... Haters gon'hate, but I'm also a fan of the hit series Girls. Say what you want about Lena Dunham's privileged background, or the show's relative lack of diversity, if you like. But it's like Jessica Williams, future cameo-star of the series, said to Mother Jones recently: It's not Dunham's responsibility to write from anyone else's experience. And it's really not! Sure she writes about a gaggle of silly upper-middle class white kids in their 20's, who live in Brooklyn and barely work, but who's to say that experience is any more or less real than anyone else's? Personally, at this point in my life, it's sort of comforting to watch a show about people sort of like me (in that they're white and tend to find themselves similarly adrift in a sea of existential confusion and malaise). Ironically, of course, the show's main character and chief slugabed, Hannah, is played by Dunham, who not only stars in the show, but at the tender age of 27, also created, writes, and directs it. So much for a role model of under-achievment. But how inspirational! Speaking as a real woman, I appreciate that she actively incorporates her candor, self-doubt, and general anxiety into her on-screen persona. Which is why I can't understand some of the shit she gets because to me, her characters are more authentic than a lot of what you see these days. Yes, she and the rest of the Girls can be a little annoying sometimes, and the boys can be frustrating. But, in real life, girls are annoying and boys are frustrating, so what do you even want from her, people?? Anyway, I'm a fan, and so I'm eager to receive the February Vogue in which she features as covergirl. Only it hasn't arrived yet and I wonder why, because shouldn't it have already? Until it does, let's all watch this silly short in which she stars alongside the forever dapper Vogue editor at large, Hamish Bowles, as they prepare for her aforementioned cover shoot:

Love the sheets, love the PJ's. And I especially love how Bowles doesn't wear socks with his tuxedo. She should somehow get him to sign on to play the affluent long-lost uncle/benefactor that helps her get her shit together once and for all. So fucking stylish. But for now I'll have to settle for Adam Driver, because I think all the sudden I have a crush on him, too? I'm all about the too-tall, surly, stoical HBO leading men these days. Just a lovesick schoolgirl upinhere. 

vogue cover & video via vogue.com; images of driver via fanpop

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