self-improvement and the winter blues

My chief new years resolution, which I neglected to share with you guys, is to be more patient. I never knew I wasn't a patient person, until everyone told me so. I possess the ability to concentrate, which I'd always mistook for patience, but apparently that's something else. So I'm trying to find ways to improve. Like, for example, counting to ten five in my head before calling the person driving in front of me a fuckface for not going fast enough, which is something I'm wont to do whether Felix is in the car with me or not. Like I said, I'm working on it! Only this damned Polar Vortex is seriously amplifying the challenge. Cold weather in general makes me feel grumpy, and I get fed up so easily doing the simplest things, like even just getting ready to go out with poor, understanding Felix. Only, it's not so simple these days, bundling the two of us into our sweaters, hats, coats, mittens, scarves, double socks, and boots, then standing out in the most freezing cold while shoving the poor bb into his carseat, which takes even longer what with all the silly layers. It's enough to make me never want another child again, so arduous do I find it all. Or at least, never another child in winter. I can't even take him out for snowy-time fun, because it's too cold for little ones to be outside for as long as it takes to build a snow man, and anyway I just lost my second pair of gloves! I'm sure that those of you who (foolishly) live in the north think I'm silly but if I'd wanted to live in a frozen wasteland I'd have moved to Alaska, but I don't so I didn't, only now I sort of wish I had because I hear it's warmer there these days. I really truly hate everything so much right now and I would gladly never endure another winter ever again!

But like I said, I'm trying my very best! So far, my most effective coping mechanisms have been any kind of whiskey mixed with the spiciest gingerbeer, chili dark chocolate, and of course, countless bowls of soup, among other things. I try to keep warm and listen to happy music and do jumping jacks and think of sunnier days, but I'm still having an incredibly hard time keeping my spirits up. My friend Tauba, who hails from sunny Denver and is finding this grey Pittsburgh winter similarly trying, recommends taking a serious daily dose of this oil-based vitamin D supplement, and I think I might have to give it a try. What about you guys? How are you dealing with the Vortex? Is it driving you mad?!

Let's all try and keep it together! After all, nothing lasts forever, right? 

images from "Mapmaker," an illustrated short story by Trevor Naud  

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