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 I guess a lot of us have one retailer that seems to 'get' what we're going for, sartorially. For some it's Zara, or Anthropologie, or L.L bean, or whatever. Personally, my love of tidiness and stripes combined with my subliminal urge to overcompensate for my extremely modest upbringing propel me towards J.Crew. It's funny because I don't want to like it, as I sort of see it as a betrayal of my thrifty childhood, not to mention my present-day budget. But I can't seem to help myself... maybe it's just me, but for me, they get it right nearly every single time! Like, a little too right. Like how zeitgeisty can you be? I love it, I hate it. It's a complicated relationship. Because the nearest brick-and-mortar sits a mere two blocks down from (one of) my current places of employ, that's where you'll find me window shopping with an alarming and unwarranted regularity. Though not entirely futile, because I've managed so snag some pretty sweet deals while stalking the sale racks. Like my new very favorite shirt, this surprisingly warm crêpe baseball top, originally $110, which I purchased for the low-low price of something like $26 I think? 

Just my size and everything! Lucky! Most of the time, however, I'm forced to limit myself to knick-knackery (tortoise-shell hair accessories, tortoise-shell phone cases) or nothing at all... did I mention that top was originally $110? But I can't not go in, in case I miss the next Great Deal. It's a frustrating and time-consuming way to shop, and especially stupid because I don't have any money. I guess a lot of people feel the same way, because J.Crew Chairman and CEO Mickey Drexler's recent, vague announcement that we can expect to see prices that are "much more friendly this year" has taken the blogiverse by storm. Only, they were just joking, and we shouldn't expect that at all, because apparently they're not lowering prices, despite a 20% loss in sales last year. Who even knows anyway? If it does happen, I'll be there. I mean, I guess I'll be there anyway. Ah, le Sigh.

What about you guys? What's your retail weakness? Do you even have one??!!?

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