the guide to gifting your favorite nomadic mother: 2012

In my opinion, the best kind of mothers day gifts are the ones she'd never buy herself--like lipstick! Its small, so you know she has room for it, no matter how full her bag is. Plus, its fancy and will make her feel beautiful. Heatwave, a bright reddy-orange shade by Nars, is currently at the top of my list, and is so now.

I dont care who you are: if youre a mother, you need a good tote bag. That goes double for anyone who travels. While they may serve the exact same purpose, they are infinitely preferable to carrying around an actual diaper bag. This Madewell tote is the one I have now, and I love love love it. Its a little pricey, but made of pure leather, and Im literally bombarded with compliments whenever I wear it.

If shes one of those foodie moms, might I suggest a Moleskine Passions Recipe journal? I have one my self, and its proved very useful for recording, not to mention organizing, recipes while on the go. A marked improvement over my old method of saving recipes by scribbling them down in whatever random notebook is to hand, never to be seen again. Also, it comes with stickers!

A framed picture of her sweet baby child is an obvious gift for sedentary mothers, but not so condusive to travelling. Instead, why not an adorable little golden ring with said baby's initial? I'm a big fan of Catbird jewlery (its where I got my wedding band) and these alphabet rings were made for stacking--perfect if the mother in question has more than one little one. And so portable! 


Perfume is another classic mothers day gift, but if she's travelling she needs something that will comply with airline carry-on allowance. Sephora has a great selection of roller-ball perfume applicators, all of which are well under the 3 oz. limit (Aqua di Gioia is my own mothers favorite!) 


Stationary is the perfect gift to encourage your lady mother to keep in touch during all of her travels. A handwritten note is so much sweeter than a dumb old facebook message--and besides, connecting to the internet is still a little touch-and-go on several airlines. Monogrammed cards feel that much more personal--I really like this set, by PenelopePress

Fact: ladies love cashmere. This J.Crew cashmere sweatshirt is the perfectly comfy cozy thing for wearing on a cold airplane, and lightweight, so it wont take up too much room in her carry-on. You should get it for her! She'll love it, I promise!

 Speaking of airplanes, travelling typically doesn't present one with many opportunities for bubble baths and the like, but Mothers Day is all about pampering. This Jurlique face mist is ever so indulgent, and just the thing for maintaining a motherly glow while on a long and drying flight to who-knows-where.

If shes an efficient packer, she probably only has room in her luggage for one (maybe two) good pajamas. Make them count! I saw this slip at an anthropologie in Chicago, and fell. in. love. with. it. But get her whatever you think will make her the most comfortable!


Having something to read is important for any traveller, and theres nothing this mama loves more than a good glossy. If she's lucky enough to have a tablet (thanks, Chase!) then get her an e-subscription to her favorite magazine. She'll love it. If she doesn't have a tablet, and you happen to be super loaded, well then, buy her one, dummy!

And of course (and I feel like I shouldn't even really have to say this) the best place to present her with any gift is always, obviously, over brunch!

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