talk about a dream kitchen...

Have you ever ever in your entire life seen a more beautiful French Oven? Um, yeah, me neither. It belongs to a collection of enamel cast-iron kitchenware by Le Creuset, with which I only just became familiar, having stumbled across this beauty at a kitchen shop in the North Market yesterday: 

Its a Butter Bell! Only one of the sweetest and most essential kitchen counter accessories one could hope to own. And so beautiful! I wanted so desperately to buy it as a wedding present to my/ourself/ves but we dont need yet another heavy thing to cart across the atlantic... I guess. They come in a range of colors, but Marseille, their newest, is the most beautiful and as close to my spirit color as you could ever hope to find in a cookware collection. Plus, its on sale! The universe is toying with my emotions. 
Im also pretty enameled (get it??!) of these two cuties:

Honey Pot & Mustard Jar, $25 each

Theyre only available in dijon, but Ill take it seeing as how it goes nicely with their contents. I especially love the mustard jar because it reminds me of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch, a really sweet book I loved as a child about a lighthouse keeper and, you guessed it, his lunch. 
I wont spoil the ending for you. 

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