welcome to the future?

Finally, we can combine our two great loves: looking at facebook and looking at our own faces. The Cyber Tecture Mirror seems like something out of Startrek The Next Generation: at once incredibly modern and cartoonishly retro-futuristic. Or something. Its beautiful. Its intelligent. Its friendly. Its simply amazing (according to the website). See, its a mirror that you link to your tablet, or your phone, or whatever, and control it either with that or with its own remote. Im actually surprised this wasnt a thing sooner, although to be honest, I dont know when it was invented, or when it debuted on the market. But I imagine well all have them in 20 years. Or, ten even. Because, why would you ever just buy a normal mirror when you could have ONE OF THESE? 

Doesnt she just look amazing???

 via mymodernmet

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