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Our first Mother and Fathers days as Real Parents are coming up soon, and it makes me look at the ubiquitous gift guides for each of these holidays in a new light. As disparate as the population of ''parents'' must be, is there nevertheless something that unites us all in a way that narrows our wants and interests, allowing them to be evaluated and prescribed by capitalist media? Apparently, yes: when I read mothers day gift guides, I find I really do want many of the items suggested; and Chase probably would appreciate that bottle of whiskey, or nice new tie (to go with his one other)--and if he didnt already have an iPad you know he'd want one. So I guess we're just regular old parents after all. Just buy us a subaru station wagon and a dry-erase weekly calendar for our refridgerator and we'll see you at our place next Thanksgiving.

Isnt it interesting how both Fathers Day gifts (think sports paraphanalia, barbeque accessories, and various electronics) and Mothers day gifts (think boquets of flowers, bubble bath, slippers, and kitchen gadgets) whether intended for indoor our outdoor use, so often pertain to the domestic sphere of a parents life? But what about us? That is, nomadic parents with no bath in which to soak or kitchen in which to tinker?

 I'm a blogger now, guys, so I'm pretty much obligated to present you with some gift guides. Right? My focus will be on young, super hip and sexxxy travel-oriented parents (thats us!). Stay tuned, I'm working on them right now!
I love gift guides! omg!!!!1 shopping!!1

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