she is a food blogger

I am A Food Blog is far and away my new favorite food blog. Aesthetically speaking, I love the layout of the site, with its bold text and large, well-styled photographs featuring mini logos for each recipe. Gastronomically speaking, I love the recipes themselves. Homegirl has a self-professed soft-spot for noodles, bacon, potatoes, and breakfast food. Me too! Plus she has a separate blog, Momofukufor2 wherein she chronicles having made and eaten every single recipe in the Momofuku cookbook. My hero! I especially enjoyed her post about Afternoon Beer, in which she describes customizing my favorite meal of all time, ever, Afternoon Tea, serving beer and small savory snacks in place of tea and scones with jam and clotted cream, in order to accommodate her husbands (baffling) aversion to tea-time. What a dummy!

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