Animal Baby

Welp, were back from our trip to The North. We all had a great time, and Felix learned some new tricks, ate some new foods, and made some new friends. But maybe the biggest deal of the whole trip, for Felix, was all of the animals! It all started at the Shedd Aquarium

He loved seeing all of the fish, and so many of the creatures featured in his nautically-themed picture books--although he was inexplicably afraid of every turtle we saw. He also used to be scared, or at least wary, of dogs, but he seems to have changed his tune because every time we saw one in Chicago he said dogdogdog and got really excited. He was in for a treat when we arrived at my Dads house and met the two dogs that live there. He even tried sharing his cheerios with them!

But I think of all the animals, Felix took the most delight in meeting the Cats. He loved petting them so much that he could barely contain himsel, and he even learned to make a sort of meow sound that is almost indescribable except for that I can say its probably the cutest thing youll ever hear. I wish I could get a recording of it, but it seems hell only do it when theres actually a cat in the room. 

Just one more reason to get a kitten, I guess. 

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