can you even believe it?!

Look at me, Im blogging!

It seemed silly to get started without some sort of an introduction, so here goes. 

For those of you who dont know me personally, Im Sophie Wodzak. Though Ive lived other places, and done other things, right now Im a housewife in Smalltown, Ohio. I live with my sweetest boyf and my even sweeter babyboy (thats him in the pic, isnt he cute?!) and, on a regular basis, I make cookies. I like lots of things and think lots of thoughts. And Im about to tell you all about it! 

If that sounds boring to you, stay tuned for my coverage of our impending move to Essex this spring, when boyf, boy and I will hopefully work, definitely travel, and probably eat a lot of cheese (only not the baby yet, because hes too little)!

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