Not so much these days, but there was a time when I used to fancy myself something of an artist. My favorite thing to work with was always paper, whether for drawing on, or using in collage. But Ive never tried quilling, a technique I just sort of learned about last night, wherein you take paper and coil or twist it up and glue it to some surface in order to make what looks like a line drawing, but is in fact three-dimensional. As far as I can tell, no one does it better than Russian-born Yulia Brodskaya. Shes made ads for everyone from Cadbury to Hermes, but its her independent work that I find the most impressive. Arent these pictures just beautiful? Id like to try this out someday, and soon. 

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  1. Those are the best ones I've seen! Most of the ones I've seen are typography or decorative-not pictorial. Very cool.