The Great Wall by Guy Laramee

Guy Laramees latest project, the Great Wall, has already been blogged about, but I cant stop thinking about it and I wanted to show it to you guys! Laramee takes large vintage tomes and carves out these amazing landscapes. I wonder what he uses... an exacto knife maybe?

Pretty impressive, right? I also find intriguing Laramees artists statement regarding the project, in which he imagines a 23rd century take-over of the American Empire by the Chinese Empire, followed by a campaign by the Chinese to chronicle the so-called American Panics of the 21st and 22nd centuries. He then describes the namesake of his project: The Great Wall of America, which Americans apparently built in the future over the course of 150 years in order to protect themselves from foreign (Chinese) invasion. 

Pretty convoluted, I suppose... but I love thinking about future like this, and about Empires and their rising and falling, and in general the way political geography shifts over the course of time. I find contemplating the fall of the American Empire especially fascinating and spooky, because you know is already happening! 

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