multi-touch finger paintings by Evan Roth

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In this, the year 2012, it sometimes sort of feels like everythings been done before. You know what I mean? Like, how can there be new kinds of art/music/poetry? Someones probably thought of it already. To me, these finger paintings by Evan Roth, which he did using tracing paper and ink over his smartphone while performing routine operations, feel inherently new. That is to say, this kind of art couldnt have existed ten years ago: 21st century Action Painting. 

Launch mail. Read Mail. Close Mail.
Launch Twitter. Check Twitter. Close Twitter.

Taking something familiar and mundane and turning it into art--how Warhol of him. They also sort of remind me of Franz Kline... what do you think?

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  1. also yves klein. This is great! I wish I would have thought of this before he did!

  2. i know, me too. but i dont even have a phone so it wouldnt have mattered if i had!