Rachel Comey boots

 I love Rachel Comey, as you may be aware. Her spring shoes are pretty sweet but here its still the wintriest winter and the only thing to wear is boots. And she makes some pretty beautiful boots! I would buy them all if I could (afford them, that is). Here are my favorites: 
the Pixie Clog 
$506 at La Garconne
These are pull-on, which is nice when youre trying to put your shoes on while holding a baby child. Because Im only about 5ft tall, I like the looks of that platform, and that little cuff would blend in well with the black tights Id wear with these, always. 

the Pontus
$439.95 at Sole Struck
Arent these beautiful? You can tell Comey studied architecture. I dont know if I would wear them around and about on a daily basis, but they are so beautiful and though that heel is fairly high (for me) I think its chunkiness would make them pretty comfortable, since theyre practically wedges. 

the Garrett
on sale for $207.50 at La Garconne
Despite their heel, these look like theyd fare pretty well in snowy weather--those soles look like they might be treaded, and at the very least theyre made of chunky rubber. I like their laces, too. 

the Mars
$384.95 at Sole Struck
These are my favorite! Im way into color blocking, and this mix of black and tan makes these wearable with pretty much any outfit I can imagine. Theyre pull-on, simple, and the heel isnt too high so I could wear them while carrying a baby around and not fall on my face, which is a real (if slightly irrational) fear Ive had of late. 

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