Kama Sutra cover art by Malika Favre

For the latest addition to their Classics Graphic Deluxe series, Penguin called upon graphic designer Malika Favre (of the British illustration agency Handsome Frank) to design the cover for the sexiest book of all time, the Kama Sutra--a natural choice, considering Malikas previous forays into sexy typography

At first glance, the illustrations featured on the cover of the otherwise un-illuminated Kama Sutra are merely depictions of some of the sexual positions described in the text; upon closer inspection, you see that the images are actually letters spelling out the title of the book. Pretty clever, especially when you consider that the letters depict actual sexual positions described in the book, adapted, but not created, by the artist in order to fit a specific shape.

You can read more about the project in Favres interview with Digital Arts, where she goes over her step-by-step process for creating the individual letters, and expresses her unfulfilled wish to illustrate the text internally--which would have been pretty amazing, admittedly, but I kind of like the mystique of only featuring cover illustration. It leaves you wanting more. 

Favre had to redesign the letter M at the last minute because Penguin thought it was too sexy for the front cover (apparently she was given more freedom for the inside flaps...) I wonder what it looked like before!

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