what to do with all those baby-food jars

Fairly recently, Felix started eating real people food which has been amazing because before, he breastfed literally every two hours and while I enjoyed our time together, I found that living my life in two hour increments made it nearly impossible to get anything done. He still breastfeeds of course, but he also loves his babyfood and cant get enough (except of the sweet peas, for which I dont blame him). The byproduct of this is all of the empty little baby food jars that we seem to have so many of. I guess we could recycle them, but the crafter in me has a problem just letting them go. A nagging voice in the back of my mind keeps trying to convince me theres a project here, somehow. 

You may be aware of the recent make-nearly-any-kind-of-dessert-in-a-jar trend: cakes, pies, and various parfaits, namely. Cute. But a baby food jar would, to my mind, yield too small a portion of these desserts to make them worthwhile, unless the dessert in question was extremely decadent--the kind you only want a few bites of anyway. Chocolate mousse or creme brule would be perfect. Since I still dont have the mini blow torch necessary to make creme brule at home, I guess itll have to be chocolate mousse. Im eager to try this recipe I just read about by Herve This which calls for only water and chocolate. 

But even if I did use the jars to make food in, once I washed the dishes Id end up with the same problem I had in the first place. So I need to think of something else. Staying in the kitchen, I think babyjars are the perfect size to mix individual portions of salad dressing. They might also be a good vessel for this project that Im eager to try: re-growing green onions from the white ends that I guess people discard... but why do people discard them when theyre the most flavorful part of the onion?

In the rest of the house, these jars would be well-suited to storing the little things that I tend to loose easily: bobby pins, hair ties, sewing needles, etc. Speaking of sewing, I love this idea from Martha Stewart to turn mason jars into sewing kits. Babyjars would make good mini-versions, but I dont know how youd get the pin-cushion on top, which kind of makes the whole thing... 

I also like this idea, also intended for mason jars, to turn them into yarn dispensers. While babyjars are too small to do this with proper balls of yarn, they would be a good storage vessel for all those little scrap balls of yarn that I cant seem to part with. Because, you never know what you might need them for. Right?

I also think theyre the perfect size for shot glasses. 
But who can drink that much whiskey?!??!

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