missing my moleskine

Three days into January, I realized that my moleskine day planner had expired. Duh, of course it had, they only last one year. But for some reason, Id overlooked that fact. Maybe this sounds stupid, but without an active calendar, I cant help but feel a little lost. You see, I make these little lists for myself, every day. To-do lists, things to remember, and so on. Pretty unnecessary seeing as how I dont have a job and Im not in school and theres nothing that I have to get done besides your usual chores. So I just invent tasks for myself. Consequently, my lists tend to read something like this:

-make the bed
-sort laundry
-do laundry
-put away laundry
-bake cookies
-write one email
-cook dinner

You get the idea. Mostly I just like crossing things off a list. You know what I mean?

Usually, Id just get a new moleskine (historically, my calendar of choice) but, lacking the funds to replace my now-obsolete 2011 model, all I can do is dream. And, use my iCal. (Yeah, right.)

With that, here are, to my mind, the best 2012 Calendars the internet has to offer:

This calendar to-do list pad, by Ryan McGinness, is pretty much perfect, in that its specifically designed to accommodate my compulsive daily-list-making. I like that its black and white, comes in its own box for storing used pages, and is minimally but attractively decorated. Plus, the graph-paper! I love graph paper!

This diary by delfonics is the perfect size, has a stylish and flexible linen cover, and comes with its very own matching pen! What more could a girl ask for?

This leather diary by Barbara Wiggins is so so so SO dreamy. Fancier than a moleskine, I love how crackly and golden it is. Too bad theyre only available in England. And also that theyre sold out...

ok so this one (from the etsy shop Animalsincolor) doesnt really fit the bill because its a wall calendar, and so you cant write lists on it...but my old i-love-kittens wall calendar DID just expire. This is one is even better!

This is probably the cutest calendar Ive ever seen... I thought it was that cat one, before, but no. I mean, come on! Available from the equally adorable etsy shop loopzart

Instead, Im just writing lists on scrap pieces of paper like an idiot.

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