When I was pregnant, I had the Most Beautiful hair of my life. It was like, mermaid hair. So beautiful. But, and I dont know if you know about this or if youve ever had a baby before or anything, after you have a baby, this thing happens of where all of the extra hair you grew, plus some of what you had before, falls out--mostly around the temples, in my experience. I could go into it but chances are if you know me youve already heard all about it--and anyway, if youre not pregnant it doesnt really apply to you. But its the worst! Luckily, enough time has passed, and presumably enough omega-3 tablets swallowed, that my hair is starting to fill back in. Only now I have this weird pseudo-fringe thing happening all around my face and I hate it: 

See? Of course, no one else seems to mind it, or even care that much, but its all I can think about and I feel like I need a new haircut. Specifically, I want to re-establish the bangs that I decided to grow out when I was pregnant and my hair was growing so so quickly, mermaid-style. Sigh. Only my problem is, it might not be so easy to grow it back out again... unless I got pregnant again?! Ha ha, just kidding...

Anyway. The kind of bangs (fringe?) I tend to prefer are blunt, deep-set, and vaguely asian-y, in as much as they evoke Susie Bubble. Here are some reference photos:

(thats Julie SarinanaSusanna Lau, my ultimate fringe inspiraish; and me and my dearest friend Ivy on my 21st birthday--cant believe that will be six years ago this thursday!)

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